White Label Our MU2 Certified EMR

Brand our state-of-the-art MU2 Certified EMR with your logo and adopt it as your own. We’ll also include a fully integrated ICD-10 compliant practice management system. After going through a short process with the certifying body you’ll have your own MU2 certification and listing on the CHPL list.
Our cloud-based 2014 CEHRT EMR utilizes a secure cloud infrastructure to empower your providers with MU2 business services such as e-Labs, e-Prescribe , Transitions of Care and CQM Submissions/AMC calculations. By adopting our white label solution you can save both time and money on software development, streamline the certification process and avoid falling victim to the uncertainty of vague deadlines and problematic software requirements. Rest assured that we’ve already resolved all of your certification challenges and can help position your company for sustainable growth into the future.

Certified AstralJet EMR Features:
– Cloud Platform – Single Database EMR/PM – Real Time Eligibility Check – Voice Command Navigation – SOAP note entry by Voice Dictation, Template Wizard, & Handwriting Recognition – Document Management – Comprehensive Training – Meaningful Use Report Tool for Incentive Payments – No Breach Potential, all data is encrypted either at rest on our database, or during exchange of patient health information. – ONC-ATCB Certified.

Practice Management System Features:
-Automatic 837/835 claims processing for primary and secondary claims billing -270/271 eligibility capability -Currently working towards ICD-10 compliance

Once integrated via White Label, your company will be able to consume our full suite of Business Services through a single point of integration.


AstralJet EMR Manual Practice Management Manual Training Videos
  • Transitions of Care (Secure Messaging)
  • e-Prescribing*
  • e-Labs*
  • Clinical Quality Measure Submission and AMC Calculations*
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile Apps*
  • Mini-PACS
  • Clinical Decision Support

*These functionalities are provided by preferred integration partners and are available for an additional cost.Integration fees include a one-time initial investment plus a monthly subscription per provider. An annual maintenance fee will commence in the second year.
This Complete Ambulatory EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Evolve Exchange, Inc.
AstralJet v4.1.
Date Certified: 2/13/14
Certification ID#: 02132014-2112-1
Modules Tested: 170.314(a)(1‐15); 170.314(b)(1‐5, 7) 170.314(c)(1‐3); 170.314(d)(1‐8); 170.314(e)(1‐3); 170.314(f)(1‐3); 170.314(g)(2‐4)
Clinical Quality Measures Tested: CMS068v3; CMS069v2; CMS122v2; CMS126v2; CMS138v2; CMS147v2; CMS154v2; CMS163v2; CMS165v2 Additional software used: DrFirst Rcopia, Microsoft HealthVault

This certified product-version may require additional costs,contractual obligations, and technical/practical limitations

Costs and Limitations:
This certified product-version will require an ongoing monthly cost, per Provider, to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization registries, cancer registries and public health agencies (170.314.f.2, 170.314.f4, 170.314.f.6). There are no other limitations or costs associated with this feature of the EMR.

This certified product-version will require an ongoing yearly cost to generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (eRx) (170.314 b.3, 170.314 a.10, 170.205 b.2, 170.207 d.2). This cost is Per Provider Per Year and there is no Limit on the number of prescriptions.

This certified product-version will require an ongoing monthly cost per Provider, which allows a provider’s use of computer assistance to directly enter medical orders (CPOE) (for example, medications, consultations with other providers, laboratory services, imaging studies, and other auxiliary services) from a computer or mobile device. (170.314 a.1).

Contractual Limitations:
This certified product-version may require a Provider to sign a contract with their Vendor, but not a direct contract from Evolve Exchange’s use of White Label product. This certified product-version will not require a Provider to purchase any other services, other than the services under “additional costs” section of this document. This certified product-version will not require a Provider to engage with a third party, as all our third party connections are directly integrated within our EMR solution, and will not require a Provider to sign an agreement with any third party and/or be limited in any way by the third party. Our software integrates with 3rd parties and is a SSO (single sign on) and therefore no provider or client will have any limitations with 3rd parties.

Technical Limitations:
Direct messaging functionality (including transitions of care, discharge summaries, and clinical messaging functionality). [Relevant certification criteria: §§ 170.314(b)(1) and (2), h(1)-(3).]

This functionality allows users to send and receive Direct-based messages to/from other users of certified health IT systems. Direct messages may include clinical data, notes, and other information, subject to the limitations noted.

Our Direct offerings support related Meaningful Use and ONC requirements for sending and receiving transitions of care summary documents. We also support a range of other messaging options.

Our Direct capabilities include bundled Health Internet Service Provider (HISP) services for facilitating message exchange. However, the only technical or practical limitation would be that the recipient could not receive a C-CDA. This limitation is on the Recipient’s software and not within our software.

Other than what is mentioned above, there are no Technical or Practical Limitations.