Twin Link- Specialty White Label EMR

TwinLink (TL) is a name we coined for a white-labeled version of our MU2 certified AstralJet EMR to run in tandem with your current implementation with back end synchronization of overlapping data.
The workflow here is that users (doctor customers) continue using your current implementation for day to day patient SOAP note entry and patient medical record data storage/retrieval and then use our certified AstralJet EMR application to input the Meaningful Use Data Set to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2.

This approach is particularly useful for specialty EMRs that do not deal with Meaningful Use data. Such specialties include but are not limited to ENT, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Dermatology, and Urology.

When possible, we have been able to collaborate on subtle UI workflow connections and/or SSOs between the two applications to improve efficiency. This would be, for example, placing a button within your existing EMR application that spawns an AstralJet EMR application session with SSO that is already focused on the specific patient in the original EMR application.

The benefit of TwinLink (TL) is that it will enable your doctor customers to be eligible for Meaningful Use Stage 2, providing that they are doing their part to enter all appropriate data. Any integration that takes place between systems will be custom, and capabilities will vary from installation to installation.

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Once integrated via Twin Link, your company will be able to consume our full suite of Business Services through a single point of integration.

  • Transitions of Care (Secure Messaging)
  • e-Prescribing*
  • e-Labs*
  • Clinical Quality Measure Submission and
    AMC Calculations*
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile Apps*
  • Mini-PACS
  • Clinical Decision Support
*These functionalities are provided by preferred integration partners and are available for an additional cost.