Meaningful Use Stage 2 Solutions for EMR Vendors.

Evolve Exchange has created a secure medical cloud based infrastructure where you can utilize our cloud technology, providing your company with a gateway to Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification.
No matter the size of your company, you will benefit from the powerful suite of business services Evolve Exchange has to offer. Our secure medical platform infrastructure streamlines interoperability and data exchange for companies in order to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2 and future certifications. Evolve Exchange empowers companies with our cloud based technologies to overcome obstacles such as Transitions of Care, e-Labs, CQM Submission and AMC Calculations, allowing your company and your clients to prosper.
Meaningful Use Stage 2 Solutions PDF

Realizing this vision, we have developed one of the most powerful secure medical cloud platforms on the market. Leveraging our industry leading features, we have adapted a MSSQL 2012 powered environment with Windows 2012 fail-over clustering and load-balancing in both physical and virtual environments. Thus, we have created a highly scalable, extremely powerful medical cloud based infrastructure.


White Label- MU2 Certified AstralJet EMR
You are invited to white label our Certified AstralJet EMR with its accompanying state of the art Practice Management System. Our Practice Management System includes automatic 837/835 claims processing for primary and secondary claims billing (both primary and secondary billing, and 270/271 eligibility capability…Learn More

In this scenario, our certified AstralJet EMR runs in tandem with your current implementation with backend synchronization of overlapping data. Your doctor customers use your current implementation for patient SOAP note entry, and storage/retrieval and then initiate an instance of our certified AstralJet EMR from within your application to input the Meaningful Use data set to achieve Meaningful Use
Stage 2…Learn More

Once integrated, your company will be able to consume our full suite of Business Services through a single point of integration.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Business Services
  • Transitions of Care (Secure Messaging)
  • e-Prescribing*
  • e-Labs*
  • Clinical Quality Measure Submission
    and AMC Calculations*
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile Apps*
  • Mini-PACS
  • Clinical Decision Support

*These functionalities are provided by preferred integration partners and are available for an additional cost.

Integration fees include a one-time initial investment plus a monthly subscription per provider. An annual maintenance fee will commence in the second year.