About Evolve Exchange

MU2 Software for EMR Vendors

The mission of Evolve Exchange is to accelerate interoperability between Electronic Medical Record companies, Health Information Exchanges, and third party medical facilities and their stakeholders through our powerful medical cloud based network infrastructure. Evolve Exchange will provide you with the essential tools and services needed to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. By aligning with Evolve Exchange and our interoperability channel partners, you will have access to valuable resources needed to succeed in a crowded marketplace.

We have developed an exchange network that enables you to access and utilize our secure medical cloud technology infrastructure (IaaS) to achieve interoperability. By aligning with our technologically advanced medical cloud platform, Evolve Exchange allows you to connect with our powerful core system infrastructure, providing your company with a distinct competitive advantage.

One of the greatest benefits of joining Evolve Exchange is interoperability, which provides the ability to Connect, Share, and Evolve using our secure medical cloud based solution. Evolve Exchange permits communication with HIE’s, any third party medical facility, and tablet/smart phone platforms to achieve the transitions of care requirement necessary for Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. This suite of services offers seamless integration to ensure functionality with our state of the art medical cloud infrastructure.

We invite you to join us in this initiative as we empower companies to achieve the next level of certification and technical excellence.