3 Reasons why EMR vendors should racing toward MU2.


Meaningful Use Stage 2 is a huge undertaking for most EMR vendors. The recent CMS proposed rule has provided vendors with one last chance to get their software ready for attestation while confirming what we all know- MU2 and future certifications are here to stay. Below we outline 3 reasons why you shouldn’t delay in getting your EMR MU2 certified.

1. Don’t be a victim of CMS unpredictability.

Instead, our solutions will help you become an early adopter so you don’t have to worry about penalties, delays and your customers’ “hardship” exemptions.

2. The “delay” is not as long as it seems.

Make no mistake, attestation will begin in January of 2015 without any further delays. This short time frame, coupled with the sheer complexity of MU2, means that your MU2 development should be nearing completion.

3. You’ve been given a life-line, don’t waste it!

There’s no denying that MU2 is a huge mountain to climb. That’s why CMS has given EMR vendors a little extra time to get their software up to speed. Utilize this time as it was intended- to get your EMR software certified and ready for future meaningful use certifications.

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